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Coin Giveaway for Gold Purchase(July 7th – 10th)

Big giveaway you can not miss!

Duration: July 7th – July 10th

During the event, along with normal bonus for gold purchase, for one minimum gold purchase of the amount as the following, we send handsome giveaway of bumper harvest and coins!

One minimum purchase of (Gold) We send
300 1 bumper harvest
600 1 bumper harvest + 200,000 coin
1,800 3 bumper harvest + 1,000,000 coin
3,000 8 bumper harvest + 3,000,000 coin
6,000 20 bumper harvest + 8,000,000 coin


  1. Bumper harvest: exp +40% for 1 hour.
  2. One chance of the giveaway for each account in each server.
  3. The giveaway shall be sent within 3 business days after the event expires. Bumper harvest shall be sent to the bag directly, please clear the bag to make room for the bonus in advance.

The eDragon Team