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Newbie Quests

Newbie quests:

1.Entering the game, interfaces will pop-up a window as follows: this is your first task that need to be completed. The window informs the task rewards and task goal. Click the “continue” button, the chief will lead you started our eDragon journey.

2.Click “next” to continue.

3.Mouse move with the”Newbie Quest”.

4.After reshipment——new born——check——visit Weapons shop——visit Armor shop——make inquiries——rest——Glory hall——Added energy
——trial——advanced——Racial glory——interview——camp——inauguration——ascension——purification——Again sounded——challenge——arena guard,then you will finish the newbie task.


1. Every task has a clear guide. You can do with the following order:accept the task – go to the destination – complete the task – back to report – claim the rewards.

2. After complete each newbie task, you wil receive some rewards and experinece, which will make your level up.

3. Some tasks will make you consume HP or MP. You can buy the items to recover or have a rest in the inn. In addition, you can buy the HP or MP pack to recover.

4. When you are not in game, you can choose to train in the throne or out of the city. Training in the throne will cost coins to increase experience. Training outside the city not only consumes coins, but also energies.