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eDragon – Newbie Guide

About Register

All BitComet registered users can directly enter the eDragon with their ID directly.

The register is very convenient. You can click the “Register” to get a CometID.

You can also use the ID of Facebook, Google or Twitter to enter the game.

1, Click the “Register” button;

2, Enter the registration page;
Follow the tips to fill in the necessary information to complete the register.

3, Activate the e-mail address;

4, Enter the registered email to receive the verifying mail.
Click the link as shown in the picture to finish the verifying.

5, For the other IDs entering
Enter the page shown above and choose your 3rd party way of login.

Enter the game

After you register or login successfully, you can click “GAME START” to begin you game.

And you need to create a role, choosing a race and setting the name and gender to begin.

The newbie player will have completed guide. You just follow the hints to play.

There are two buttons on the upper-right corner of the task list, through the left one you can click to know the details of the tasks.

You will be teleported to the destination if you click the name of NPC or monsters

If there is no current task shown in the list, you can check the available task to have a look.

If the task asks you to kill more than one monster, you can click the “Train” to kill more monsters.

The training of killing monsters costs coins, and you cannot move during the training.