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Field Fight

Field Fights

Fight: When you choose to fight, you can fight with the players who also choose to fight. Moreover, some scenes in the fields are under chaos, you will be forced to fight when entering these scenes.

Fighting a villain allows you to exploit a part of experience from your opponent. The larger the disparity between you and your opponent in sin, the more experience you will gain. Moreover, if a character with high sin lose the combat, he is highly probable to drop his own equipments.
You will enter “frenzy” period once you win a fight, your will not be able to move during this period, whereas your attack power will increase. The higher sin you have, the longer “frenzy” period is.

Your sin will increase if you killed someone from your own race or your united race. Killing an opposing race will not increase sin.


The higher your sin is, the more likely your will be challenged by other players, and dropping your equipped items when losing the combat. On the other hand, you will earn less when selling items, and pay more when purchasing items.