The arena offers all the heroes a free place to fight with each other.

Click the arena and you can see the opponents list.

The names on the list display that they are all the available opponents that you can fight against. And their rankings are all higher than your ranking. If you can beat down the opponents, your ranking will go up and gain more honor.

Just click the “Challenge” can you start a combat. Before the combat, you can click the name of the opponents to see their equipments condition.

Every day a player can start 30 combats. The first 15 combats are free and the other 15 combats consume gold. During the combats, there is an interval time of 10 minutes. In the 10 minutes you cannot start or accept any combats. You can start a combat only after the 10 minutes. And the interval time of VIP users is 5 minutes.

You can get some honor after when starting a combat. If you win the battle, you will get extra honor and your ranking will go up. The defeated opponents will lose some honor. But if the position of challenger is lower than that of the opponent, the opponent will not lose honor if being defeated. In addition, if the player is NO.1 of that position, he or she will gain honor when defeating the challenger.

The honor can be exchanged for experiences, coins or materials.

Another function of the arena is to provide slaves.

The ranking in the arena also decides your opponents in the hall or honor.