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Berserker: Have strong attack and enormous damage during the combat. And berserkers also have very good defense.

Period Name Introduction Type Required LV. Effect
Initiate Thust Simple thrust of the pike Active 10 Increase additional attack power
Junior Blessing of Warlord The skill enables the Berserker to gain destructive power. Passive 11 Increase attack power.
Junior Double Thrust Double strikes in one round Active 12 Double strikes in one round
Medium Strength of Mars The berserker gains a strength boost. Passive 20 Increase strength
Medium Blood Thirst Thrust The attack power increases at the expense of the blood. Active 21 Increase additional attack power with  consuming blood
Medium Battle Howl The shockwave of the howl makes the wound keep bleeding. Auxiliary 30 Cause blood damage(conflict with Battle Cry)
Medium Phoenix Slayer Used by the legendary Dragon spear, powerful enough to kill a dragon. Active 32 Increase hit and attack power
Senior Triple Thrust Three attacks is extremely fast, making the enemy have no time to react. Active 40 Three strikes in a round with decreasing of attack power and hit.
Senior Snake Bite From both inside and outside part of the fight against the enemy, the enemy has been hit hard physically and mentally. Active 39 Decrease the MP of enemy.
Senior Wrath of Apophis Mars’s attack hit the enemy ‘s fatal body, giving the enemy greater damage. Passive 38 Increase critical rate.
Ultimate Dragon Slayer The strong-minded fighter is good at using the pike. He gains a strength boost when there is the danger. Active 50 The less HP, the more attack power.
Ultimate Trinity Blood Dragon’s anger, the more powerful shot Dragon. Passive 68 Increase the effect of Phoenix Slayer
Ultimate God Slayer When the soul of Fenrir falls upon the Berserker, he dares to wield the weapon against God. Active 68 Increase the damage caused by critical attack.
Ultimate Battle Cry   Auxiliary 68 Decrease the hit of enemy (conflict with Battle Howl)