Vagrant: More depend on the MP. With sufficient MP the vagrants will have terrible attack. And they can use MP to reduce the damage from enemies.

Period Name Introduction Type Required LV. Effect
Initiate Chop Simple wielding of the sword Active 10 Increase attack power
Junior Guard of Dionysus The worship enables more Mp. Passive 11 Increase MP
Junior Bee Sting The bee sting hurts not much but quite annoying. Active 12 Increase attack power
Junior Fire Scissors The burning blade deals more damage. Active 18 Increase damage with lv-up
Medium Song of Peace The song bring the peace to reduce the consumption of Mp. (conflict with Song of Morale) Auxiliary 20 Decrease MP consumption
Medium Frost Bite The cold blade freezes the move of the target. Active 28 Increase additional attack power and lower down the speed of enemy
Medium Song of Morale The song brings the morale to hit the target more accurately. Auxiliary 30 Increase hit rate
Senior Red Lotus The blazing blade keeps the target burning inside. Active 42 Cause burning and increase attack
Senior Mp Barrier The skill utilize Mp to absorb part of the damage. Auxiliary 40 Use MP to ease damage(conflict with Carol for Nature and Carol for Heart)
Senior Carol for Heart The skill enables the damage converting to Mp. Auxiliary 40 Transfer the damage to MP(conflict with Mp Barrier and Carol for Nature)
Ultimate Tornado Blade The skill deals powerful attack as the tornado. Active 50 Increase damage
Ultimate Thorn Blade The skill with satisfying power while the hit rate reduced Active 68 Lower down the hit to increase attack power
Ultimate Carol for Nature The skill enables a boost of attack power. (conflict with Carol for Heart and Mp barrier) Auxiliary 68 Increase attack power
Ultimate Asclepius Bestow The skill enables a boost in constitution. Passive 68 Increase HP