Knights: Have very strong defense and there is an offensive hidden in the defense.  If knights give up the defense, they will break out surprising damage.

Period Name Introduction Type Required LV. Effect
Initiate Thust Simple thrust of the pike. Active 10 Increase attack power
Junior Blessing of Goddess The blessing enable the knight with more Hp. Passive 11 Increase HP
Juniror Continuous conflict Double strikes in one round Active 12 Double strikes in one round
Medium Fury The thrust makes the target bleed. Active 21 Increase damage caused by attack
Medium Guardian Angel The skill enables the knight to suffer less negative effect. Passive 20 Reduce the duration of negative status
Medium Wolf Bite The skill makes the attack of wolf bite. Active 30 Increase attack of oneself.
Medium Dragon Claw The skill helps the knight to gain a boost in the defense. Active 31 Increase defense
Medium Thorn Armor The skill gives the knight a higher damage rebound. Auxiliary 30 Increase damage rebound(conflict with Holy Armor and Gungnir)
Senior Holy Armor The skills enables the knight a boost in the defense. Auxiliary 40 Increase defense(conflict with Thorn Armor and Gungnir)
Senior Tiger Roar The skill makes the target weak to attack. Active 42 Decrease attack power of enemy and increase attack power of oneself
Ultimate Bear attack The skill deals formidable attack power at the expense of one round and the defense. Active 50 Increase the damage of next round
Ultimate Hawk Dive The skill deals the attack to tear the wounds and keep the wound bleeding. Active 68 Keep the wound bleeding
Ultimate Gungnir The skill enables the knight a boost in the attack. Auxiliary 68 Increase attack power and critical rate(conflict with Holy Armor and Thorn Armor)
Ultimate Dragon Whisper The skill helps Dragon Claw to a higher level. Passive 68 Increase the level of dragon claw