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How to fight with others

Combat progresses are broadcast to players. Players cannot control characters in the combat, and the combat results will be calculated by the system according to characters' levels and skill settings.

Each single combats lasts 360 seconds, each multi combat lasts 1800 seconds. Attack frequency depends on different character classes' attacking interval. A combat will end when following situation occurs:

1) Combat reaches maximum time length (single combat: 360s, multi combat: 1800s).
2) One side in the combat is wiped out (everyone's HP reaches 0).
The outcome of the combat is determined by following criteria:
1) If one side is wiped out, the other side wins.
2) If both sides survived, the one with lower damaged HP percentage wins.
3) If both sides were wiped out or both characters die, the outcome will be determined upon particular case.

Field Combats

Any combats between player and NPC outside the city are counted as field combats, which is divided into 2 categories: general field combats and combats in instance.

In a general field combat, player will fight with a single NPC. 1 point of energy will be consumed while start a combat. If the player wins, he/she will gain certain amount of experience and random items, but one of the equipments will lose 1 point of durability. If the player loses, his/her equipments will lose 10% of the maximum durability. A play still can start up to 300 combats even his/her energies reaches 0, but the item dropping rate of defeating opponents will decrease to 1/8, gained experience will decrease to 3%.

In combats in instance, multiplayers will fight with multi NPCs; 1-3 players will be teamed up. It will cost 10 points of energy to enter the instance, whereas no more energy will be consumer when fighting with monsters in the instance. If the player wins, he/she will gain certain amount of experience (more than winning a general field combat), dropped items (higher possibility of advanced items than winning a general field combat), and some exclusive equipments and items which only appear in instances. If the player loses, his/her equipments will lose 10% of the maximum durability.

More detailed information can be read from the instance system chapters.

Alliance and Arena Combats

Alliance combats happen when players defend their own alliance or attacking others' alliance. It is a multiplayer combat.

Every player has an upper limit of 10 to start alliance combats, no energy will be consumed; however it is limited to enter others' alliance. Starting alliance combats will not need to be approved by opponents.

In alliance combats, certain amount of bricks will be obtained depend on each side's level, the opponent will be added to your defeat list, but no experience or dropped equipments will be gained. If the character dies, he/she will be sent back to the revival spot.

Arena and the slave market is for the players to take 1V1 combat. It does not cost energies. But the challenging time has a limitation.

You can get some honor after when starting a combat. If you win the battle, you will get extra honor and your ranking will go up. The defeated opponents will lose some honor. But if the position of challenger is lower than that of the opponent, the opponent will not lose honor if being defeated. In addition, if the player is NO.1 of that position, he or she will gain honor when defeating the challenger.