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Kohlrah’s Servant guide and F.A.Q


This is a guide on how to use your Servant as well as a brief explanation of their purpose coupled with other bits of information. This guide will be regularly updated with new information as I progress through eDragon.

At the bottom-right of your screen a portrait appears at level fifteen. Click on the ‘Recruit Servant’ yellow lettering to acquire your Servant. It costs 10,000 coins to recruit one and you can only have a total of one Servant per account. Place your mouse over each portrait to get an idea of the available attributes. Three out of four of these attributes will be randomly generated for your Servant. You can get a new Servant by simply pressing the ‘Dismiss servant’ button located on the Servant GUI on the bottom-right corner of that screen. There are no limitations for the ‘Dismiss servant’ feature, however you will have to spend another 10,000 coins if you want another Servant.


Game definition of attributes:
0.0% bonus for the harvest products
0.0% deduction for production growth cycle
0 extra energy point recovered every day for the master
0.0% deduction for coin expense

What they actually do:
Increases coins harvested per plant by .1% per point spent (Doesn’t apply to EXP gained)
Decreases production time of plant by .1% per point spent
At 0800 for every ten (10) points in this attribute you gain one (1) point of energy
Decreases the cost of a plant by .1% per point spent (Deduction not displayed when planted — but the effect does take effect)


What is a Servant?
A Servant is your personal helper. They give you additional benefits to enhance your main character

How do I use my Servant?
The Servant has their own form of energy called ‘Emotion’. To access this, click on their portrait to open the Servant GUI. Locate ‘Emotion’ and click on ‘Pacify’. This is where you raise your Servant’s ‘Emotion’. Notice at the right there are limits for each option — once a day at 0000 server time these are replenished*. For every plant placed in the ‘Farm’ slot, your Servant will lose one (1) point of ‘Emotion’ as well as costing you a small amount of coins (*NOTE: Opening the ‘Pacify’ screen for the first time may not show any values under the ‘Remaining’ column — if so, reload the game and everything should be there — if not, please contact a GM as soon as possible)

What is ‘Loyalty’ used for?
You must have a certain amount of loyalty before you can raise the ‘Emotion’ of a Servant as indicated by the ‘Requirement’ column of the ‘Pacify’ screen. It’s also required if you want to loot rare gems from your Servant

How can I get more ‘Loyalty’?
Click on the ‘Bestow’ lettering next to the ‘Loyalty’ bar. (NOTE: At this time only Gil or Gold can be spent to raise loyalty. Keep this in mind when looting rare gems)

Where do I plant stuff?
At the top of the Servant GUI click on the ‘My Manor’ tab. Now, on the right side of this screen there are diamond-shaped tiles. Click on one to add a plant. There is also a ‘quick access’ button to your manor (see picture)

What benefits do I gain from my Servant?
Benefits include: coins, energy and rare gems

How does a Servant produce coins?
After harvesting a plant you gain coins

How does a Servant give me more Energy?
For every ten (10) points accumulated for the ‘Guardian’ ability, an additional one (1) point of energy will be given to you at 0800 server time

How do I get rare gems?
There is a small percentage that a rare gem will drop upon harvest. When it does, you must take it from your Servant, lowering their loyalty by nine (9) points (NOTE: You can only gain more loyalty by spending Gil or Gold — keep this in mind as you loot your Servant. NOTE2: The nine point deduction currently applies to Amethyst, if any other gems are discovered then that deduction may change)

How would I know if my servant got a gem?
An animation will occur the instant you harvest a plant. After the animation has finished, a pop-up box will appear and you will then be presented with a choice to take the rare gem or not

Which rare gems are available?
Amethyst (Currently discovered — may be more later on)

Which plants drop rare gems?
Cactus (Level 10) and Wistaria (Level 15) plants drop Amethysts (It is rumored Tulip and Lavender plants can’t drop rare gems)

If it costs nine (9) points of loyalty, and, I have to buy loyalty with gold, then, why should I take the rare gem drop?
Amethysts cost nine (9) gold in the Mall. Picking up an Amethyst from your Servant costs nine (9) points of loyalty. Here’s the catch: it costs eight (8) gold to purchase ten (10) points of loyalty for your Servant. You’re saving one (1) gold and gaining one (1) point of loyalty for your Servant. After doing this method nine (9) times, you will gain a free Amethyst!

What are the small round icons on my plant?
These are here as a type of side game for you. They appear randomly. The blue icon represents lack of water (Droplet). The orange icon represents bugs (An orange beetle?). The green icon represents weeds (Weed sprout).

Are they good?

They are in the game as a type of nuisance to your plants that randomly appear, however, they currently have no harmful impact. In fact, they produce additional bonuses for you and a plant can be harvested with or without curing the nuisance. Curing the nuisance produces one positive effect: +50 Coin, production duration reduced by one (1) minute or +10 exp for your Servant. I have noticed the Wistaria (Level 15) plants also have a small chance of giving +1 Emotion to your Servant

How do I get rid of these nuisances?
There are four icons at the top of your screen. Use the ‘Watering can’ next to the arrow for the blue icon. Use the ‘Shovel’ for the green icon. Use the ‘Pesticide’ at the far right for the orange icon. After doing this, you will be awarded one of the aforementioned benefits

How do I get my mouse cursor back?
Click on the arrow at the top of the screen. Other methods: Exiting your manor or clicking on the same icon

What is the maximum amount of farms available?
Currently unknown. At the time of writing this guide I have a level nineteen (19) Servant with eleven (11) available farms

Why does my Servant say random things?
This means an event has happened at your Manor. The event usually means one of your plants is finished and is ready for harvest. It can also mean a new nuisance has appeared on a plant. It’s also used as a reminder that your Servant is ready for work (“Servant working” timer has expired). It can also indicate random tips and info about the game

Can I disable this function?
Yes. Click on your Servant’s avatar. Click on the ‘Remind’ tab and click the ‘Disable’ button located in the center of that screen

What’s that blinking icon next to my Servant’s avatar?
It means a plant is ready for harvest

What happens when ‘Time Remaining’ under ‘Status’ runs out?
You receive a 50% EXP deduction and 0 coins


What is a ‘Dragon Elixir’?
It’s another form of EXP for your Servant

How do I get a ‘Dragon Elixir’?
There is a percentage a plant will drop one upon harvest. They will first appear under the ‘Coin’ floating text after clicking a plant to harvest and will be sitting in your inventory thereafter:

How do I use the ‘Dragon Elixir’?
Open up your Servant GUI by clicking on their avatar. At the bottom of this screen click on the orange underlined lettering ‘Dragon Elixir’ and click the ‘Dragon Elixir’ button after setting the amount you would like applied (NOTE: Be sure to read the red lettering if you would like to use more than one [1] ‘Dragon Elixir’ at a time)

How much EXP does one ‘Dragon Elixir’ give?
Currently unknown. My level 24 Servant gains 1042 per ‘Dragon Elixir’ while my level 11 Servant gains 577

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